PG-13 Predator TV series reportedly coming to Disney Plus
Scified2019-11-24 16:11:26
Written by Chris36,666 Reads19 Comments2019-11-24 16:11:26

In a rather bizarre new update, it appears Disney may be bringing the Predator franchise to it's new streaming service Disney Plus. Not only that, the report claims Disney's Predator TV series will also be rated PG-13... a major deviation from the R-rated history the franchises has touted since its inception in 1987. The rating suggests this series will not possess the more mature content and atmosphere we're used to from Predator films.

According to We Got This Covered, their sources claim Disney is developing an entire series focused on the Predator and that it will introduce fans to new stories and characters within the Alien Hunter's mythology:

According to our sources – the same ones who said a new Scream movie is in the works, and that Bill Murray will be in Ghostbusters 3, both of which have since been confirmed – the studio is currently developing a series based off of the titular alien that’s set in the same world as the other films. It’ll feature new characters, along with an entirely unique story, though, and while it’s unclear how exactly it’ll tie into the overall mythology, there will definitely be some connections there. Kind of like what we saw with Shane Black’s take on the franchise last year.

We're quite skeptical that a PG-13 rated Predator TV series would live up to expectations with fans, however given the last 2 Predator films having failed to deliver on those same expectations, a series might just be what this franchise needs.

What do you think of this potential new series? Let us know what you think in the comments!

As we learn more about what's next for the Predator, we'll be sure to keep you posted!

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MemberSuper PredatorNov-24-2019 4:34 PM

The PG 13 rating might not be bad. After all, what was R in the 80s seems pretty tame these days. I don't have Disney, but it will be interesting to see how it goes. Maybe they are testing the waters and using Predator as a guinea pig.


MemberSuper PredatorNov-24-2019 9:32 PM

I'll wait until we here who is the production team before really forming an opinion.


MemberElder PredatorNov-24-2019 10:07 PM

This is going to be bad


MemberCity HunterNov-25-2019 5:51 AM

If it's half as good as the 'Mandalorian''ll be great!

I have Disney + and really looking forward to all these series....Obi-Wan and now the Predator!? Not to mention all the Marvel stuff........AND maybe Alien!

I don't need to see the imagination can fill in the PG-13 could work...UNLESS they bring in children and make it some kiddie plot.


MemberYoung BloodNov-25-2019 6:38 AM

Ugh, no PG-13 Predator. He's a fucking beast with BLADES on his hand who literally skins people alive!

And I don't think PG-13 lets you get away with as much as some people think it does. Friendly reminder that BvS UE got an R rating just for showing a body getting burned and a little more blood, and the first Avengers initially got an R rating just for the scene with Loki stabbing Coulson in the back with his scepter yet people act like they can get away with endless amounts of anything as long as there's no gore, nudity, sex or repeated F bombs. @DK @MonsterZero 

Luckily We Got This Covered isn't a credible source for anything, so there's no truth to any of this.


MemberFugitive PredatorNov-25-2019 6:57 AM

I think this certainly would suit Disney who would want to get the TV Series to be viewed my more People....

When looking at THE PREDATOR there is really not much that would make this NOT a PG-13, there was NOT a lot of Gore in that Movie and so some of it Toned Down would FIT a PG-13....   If Most of the Swearing and Rude Jokes/Banter was also taken out then i think that The Predator could have passed for a PG-13

Saying that though in the USA they have a TV-14 Certification which is what The Walking Dead series has been rated at, and that contains quite a LOT of Gore.

If the Predator TV Series has a Similar Rating then i think Provided its Well Written and Executed then it could work...... we DONT need to see Over the Top Gore or Buckets of F-Bombs for a Predator Series to Work, or Nudity and Sex.

And so a TV-14 Rating would allow for the Violence with some Gore.  I assume a TV-14 is NOT far off a PG-13?


MemberYoung BloodNov-25-2019 7:58 AM

BigDave: wrong, The Walking Dead is TV-MA, the TV equivalent of an R rating.

And sure, let's water down something that's R-rated at its very core... because it worked so well for RoboCop, Terminator, AvP, Expendables, Mad Max (Mad Max 3), Total Recall, Prom Night, Rollerball, DareDevil and Ghost Rider, right? 

Anytime Hollywood kiddifies something that should be R, it never ends well and is usually a disaster.


MemberYoung BloodNov-25-2019 8:10 AM

^The PG-13 Black Christmas remake is probably gonna suck, too. WTF were they thinking?


MemberFugitive PredatorNov-25-2019 8:23 AM

I think that does-not have to be the case, provided the Story is Good and its Applied well and Executed well...

Nudity, Sex, Excessive Swearing and Vulgar Language are NOT that Necessary to tell a Story in the Predator Universe.

Violence and a bit of GORE are however... we dont need as much Gore as The Walking Dead... Personally i think the USA Rating Systems are FLAWED!

The UK 15 Rating is Perfect for a Predator Franchise.. but with the USA that would make it SIT between a CERT PG-13 or a R

And so to CUT things from a 15 Cert UK to a PG-13 does mean the Removal of a lot of stuff that would be seen as Necessary to a Degree with a Predator Franchise.

So what i am saying is that IF they cater the TV Series to a UK 15 i dont think it would effect too much of what they could show that would make a Decent TV Series set in the Predator Universe.

However... IF they are to try and get it to a PG-13 then i think there are some of the Violence and Gore that would be Restricted a bit too much for Predator Fans....  there would be NO Scenes of Skinned Humans, or Skulls being Pulled out of the Body with Spine Attached..

These are TWO things that Fans do Associate with the Predator Franchise... it would be like taking away any Chest Buster Scenes from a Alien TV Series and removing any Direct Impact Shots of the Xenomorphs Mouth Attack on a Human Skull.... which are again TWO iconic Elements that ALIEN Fans would associate the Xenomorph with.

So i think a UK 15 could do the Predator Franchise Justice... but a PG-13 would have to CAST AWAY some of the more Iconic Violence/Gore that are associated with the Predator Species..

At least its NOT a Cert 12A or else the Predators may as well be a POWER RANGERS Villain lol

For the Record i therefor think a PG-13 would be Restrictive somewhat.


MemberElder PredatorNov-25-2019 12:15 PM

 Well both Alien and Predator are dead, seriously a PG-13 rating! Oh my god, just let these poor old alien monsters have a peaceful death. They don't need to be paraded around with the freaking Disney + logo plastered on them. 


MemberCity HunterNov-25-2019 12:51 PM

Lovecraft, Verne, Wells, Shelley,etc... created amazing pieces of work without being graphic. Takes zero talent to produce blood and gore...could hire anyone on the planet to give us that. Not many humans on Earth can give us plot and characters. Gonna be tough either way.



MemberSuper PredatorNov-25-2019 1:01 PM

I don't need to see the imagination can fill in the gaps

Exactly. The original Alien and Predator weren't even showen until well into the film and are solid classics. I think excessive gore and swearing for movies like these is actually insulting to an audience.


MemberYoung BloodNov-26-2019 4:46 PM

No, a Predator series (or anything Predator really) should NOT be PG-13, it's about an alien that hunts humans for sport, collecting their heads as trophies and peeling off their skin. There's nothing PG-13 about that. A Predator movie/series without that is like making a Jet-Li movie where he doesn't beat people up, it makes no sense. And no, it's not insulting to audiences, it's called realism. What WOULD be insulting to fans is having Predators skin humans alive and Xenomorphs bursting out of people's chests with no blood whatsoever.

Fortunately, it's not happening since We Got This Covered isn't credible for anything.


MemberYoung BloodNov-26-2019 4:55 PM

Also, funny how you bring up Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos when I'm pretty sure those are R-rated works. The Cthulu games are all rated M and the Call of Cthulhu indie film is R. 

However, there have been plenty of PG-13 films of R-rated franchises and look how those all turned out, LOL! But it's not gonna happen because We Got This Covered isn't a reliable source for anything, so it's a moot point.


MemberFugitive PredatorNov-27-2019 9:35 AM

Certainly ;)

Having looked more into a PG-13 (i am from the UK) then i realized more now just HOW restrictive that would be.

And so Absolutely as i mentioned before, the Predator is Synonymous with Tearing Out Skulls and Skinning its Game.

You could take that away and still release a TV Series, it may UPSET some Fans... but then when looking at a PG-13 then we would also have to have NO Severed Limbs, or Decapitations and Practically NO Blood... Especially RED.

Predator 1987 all Deaths

These would FIT within a UK 15, but a PG-13 i doubt... i NEVER knew how restrictive that was...

However.... was the AVP Movies not PG-13?

I think if we got a Predator TV Series then it could be more likely we would be looking at Fight/Action Scenes that are only as Gruesome as the Marvel Franchise Movies...

Predators are Renowned for their Honor, and so getting UP CLOSE and Personal would be seen as a more Honorable way to KILL its Target.

And so using their Spears, and Wrist Blades is all PART of that Parcel when it comes down to Showing what a Predator does.... and so to have these Shots where there is NO Blood.. would just NOT be Predator at all.

so as i was saying if it was Catered for a UK  Cert 15 which would mean a USA R then only the Extreme Gore would have to be Toned Down...

But a PG-13 would just NOT cut the MUSTARD!

However... as you said KManX89 until we get a Official Confirmation then we have to take it with a Pinch of Salt.

A Predator TV Series could make Sense.... but a Diluted Down PG-13 would be something that would NOT please a lot of the Fans at the Trade Off to try and introduce 12-15 Year Olds to the Franchise.

We DONT Need... Nudity or Swearing, but a Predator TV Series with NO BLOOD... would be a Disappointment.


MemberElder PredatorNov-27-2019 12:23 PM


I agree


MemberJungle HunterNov-27-2019 1:02 PM

Please stop. The source of these news were those who said that there are 2 Alien series in the making !!! Are they reliable?


MemberBloodedDec-04-2019 10:56 AM

YES! Let's go!!!

Insectoid comics

MemberYoung BloodDec-04-2019 1:17 PM

This is a mistake. 

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