Predator 5 may skip a theatrical run in favor of VOD release on Hulu!
Scified2021-06-15 07:39:56
Written by Chris11,532 Reads0 Comments2021-06-15 07:39:56

The legal battle between Disney and the Thomas Brothers continue to wage in the courts and during the first legal hearing, the Thomas Brothers' Lawyer made a comment suggesting Predator 5 / Skulls will bypass a theatrical run in favor of an on-demand exclusive release.

During the hearing, according to Marc Toberoff, the legal council representing the Thomas Brothers, Skulls (Predator 5) is quote: "going to be distributed by Hulu". Whether or not this includes a theatrical run in conjunction with an on-demand release has yet to be clarified. But if his comments suggest an exclusive Hulu release, fans will miss out on the immersive movie-going experience movie theaters offer for such types of blockbuster films.

It sounds alot like Predator will be joining Alien on the Disney-owned Hulu platform, as currently there is a new Alien TV series currently in development for Hulu which will be taking the franchise in a completely new direction.

Besides that comment, no other headway was made during the hearing so the fate of Predator 5 remains uncertain moving forward.

Discuss the latest news, rumours and speculation on Dan Trachtenberg's NEW Predator movie, titled Badlands - in development with 20th Century Studios and Disney in the Badlands Movie Forum!

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