Third alternate ending for The Predator involved Newt (from Aliens)!
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Written by Chris22,790 Reads13 Comments2019-01-01 10:10:51

As if the previously announced alternate ending for The Predator involving Ripley wasn't strange enough, Yuri Everson (who debuted the Ripley ending) just recently revealed what the third alternate ending for The Predator was going to involve - and it's even crazier than Ripley!

Apparently, the third alternate ending for The Predator was going to involve Rebecca "Newt" Jordan - the young girl from James Cameron's Alien sequel ALIENS (1986) now fully grown. Newt was rescued by Ripley but later died in Alien 3 after her and Ripley's EEV crashed - drowning poor Newt while in cryo-sleep.

Yuri shared some set photos (below) which show actress Breanna Watkins portraying adult Newt:

The timeline again makes no sense in terms of franchise chronology, but it makes us wonder if Fox were planning to introduce alternate timelines within the Alien and Predator universes in preparation for a rumored soft Alien reboot. With Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 project shelved and fate unknown following the Disney acquisition, we're not surprised this ending was cut from the film. It is fascinating however to ponder what this ending would have led to, had it not been cut.

It certainly looks like Fox, at one point, were interested in setting up for an Alien vs. Predator 3 / reboot with The Predator. But those plans have either fallen through, or are being postponed. With a very active 2019 planned for the Alien franchise, it will be interesting to see where this goes.

What do you think of this alternate ending? Would you have liked it over the Predatorkiller ending we got? Sound off in the comments!

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Dark Nebula

StaffCity HunterJan-01-2019 10:41 AM

My reaction

I really don't know what were they thinking. Prometheus removed AVP from alien canon. Looks like Shane Black is trying to connect Alien and Predator universes (I wouldn't mind it in the comic book format).

Everyone is now trying to do what Marvel is doing.


MemberElder PredatorJan-01-2019 12:35 PM

My opinion is that Predator desperately wants to be part of Alien,Alien just won't have it.Alien has a stronger legacy than predator.Alien has stood on it's own for 40 years.Predator is a little over 30 and right away with Predator 2 the franchise showed a dependency on Alien.They even made Two Alien vs Predator films before they got around to making an actual third predator. 

Predator now just seems desperate,looking a lot like Alien's obnoxious little brother,so desperately looking for the same love big bro gets yet continues to embarrass himself.

Alien still has a future.Not sure where predator goes from here,these alternate endings dig an already deep hole even deeper.Maybe a "Proper Predator 2" staring Schwarzenegger some years down the line?Why not,they're doing that with Terminator this year. 

Steve Brungus

MemberYoung BloodJan-01-2019 5:48 PM

I almost would have settled for this ending over the one we got. Or the should have had different endings in theaters...that would have made at least the third act more redeemable. At this point with the Predator franchise they should embrace the shclock they've created.


MemberJungle HunterJan-02-2019 2:11 AM

 Everyone is now trying to do what Marvel is doing.


Exactly. Do you remember "Dark Universe" from Universal?


MemberSuper PredatorJan-02-2019 2:21 AM

I am not shooting the messenger but this sounds beyond ridiculous. 

Neither franchise pulled in expected results from FOX's pov. I am pretty sure Disney knows the definition of insanity as most of us do.... 

Dark Nebula

StaffCity HunterJan-02-2019 5:20 AM

@Leto yep, that fell apart quickly.

I can see a similar thing with amazing spiderman 2. The movie itself was bad, and the ending was just a set up for sinister six and a whole bunch of other movies that got canceled.


MemberFugitive PredatorJan-02-2019 4:06 PM

I feel its the trying to connect to ALIEN that would do the Franchise Damage!

The Predator Franchise prior to this movie was in a Good Position, compared to the ALIEN Franchise.. they are NOW both in a Mess!

As with the Ripley Ending... they both show those working on these projects have a LACK of Imagination and Ideas!

Newt is DEAD.... Hicks is DEAD, and Ripley is DEAD!

They should not even do any alternatives (Blomkamps Alien 5) yet alone Time Travel to connect Newt and Ripley to the Predator Franchise....

I think its maybe time to KILL-OFF both Franchises and keep them to alternative Canon, Comics, Games and Novels....  because you can get away with some ideas like this...

it seems to show when it comes to MOVIES all they are doing with each Release is DESTROYING the previous Movies Credibility.


MemberSuper PredatorJan-02-2019 5:15 PM

Newt is DEAD.... Hicks is DEAD, and Ripley is DEAD!

"They're DEAD. Can I go now?" -Newt


MemberElder PredatorJan-02-2019 5:44 PM

They're paying waaay to much attention to Disney Star Wars which went in to please fans by putting Han Luke and Leia back on the big screen.Funny imitation too considering that despite extreme positive critic reception,they have been just as divisive as the prequels.

Why Alien and predator need to go down this route is beyond me.As I said it worked for Blade Runner,and other sci fi series have seen great revivals such as Planet of the Apes and Mad Max.Apes and Max are great examples because they didn't depend on the past or favorite actors.Blade Runner 2049 while a sequel to the original didn't depend on Harrison Ford who doesn't show up till the final act anyway.All fine examples of accepting the past while embracing the future.


MemberElder PredatorJan-02-2019 6:09 PM

I've said it before,but Marvel has ruined cinema,before you cast stones at me i actually like the MCU for the most part.But thanks to them nothing is simple anymore.Every thing has to be a cinematic universe.Marvel,DC,Star Wars,Godzilla,The aforementioned ill fated Dark universe and Amazing Spider-Man'verse.Pacific Rim wants in on it,as did Ghostbusters as well as A Stephen King universe.We have the Conjuring universe,A Spider-Man universe with out Spider-Man started by Venom.

These are just off the top of my head,nothing is simple anymore.A movie can no longer stand on it's own two feet without being part of a bigger picture,and it seems Alien and most definitely Predator here aren't safe from it.


MemberElder PredatorJan-02-2019 6:10 PM


MemberJungle HunterJan-03-2019 12:47 AM

In fairness it should be noted - Gojiverse existed before them all. It was first monsterverse with monsters from another movies.


MemberFugitive PredatorJan-03-2019 5:44 AM

Well the ALIEN Universe could have been HUGE... with the Plot of Prometheus.... but Alien Covenant comes along and closes many of those doors by Virtue of the Engineers/Gods being right on our Door Step!

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