Prey 2: Sequel rumors claim the next Predator movie takes place during World War 2!
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The Predator prequel Prey which took the fandom and audiences by storm when it debuted on Hulu in 2022 is expected to spawn a sequel - but little is known about when and what that sequel will be. Previously director Dan Trachtenberg did express excitement and eagerness within his camp for a Prey sequel and where the story could go next, but since then it's been radio silence.

However more recently a new rumor has begun to circulate - according to Podcaster John Rocha, his insider sources have revealed the following about where the Prey sequel is expected to go:

What my source is hearing about the Prey sequel is that it might be based in World War 2 with a Native American solider who is a Navajo cold talker and will be a descendant of Amber Midthunder’s character from the first film.

You can watch the full video stream on YouTube.

Now, this rumor should he taken with a grain of salt as not many other sources have picked up on the news and more reliable outlets like Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter have not corroborated these claims yet. So for now, we're filing this report as a rumor until further details can be confirmed.

Assuming the claims are accurate though, how would you feel about the Prey sequel taking place during World War 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Discuss the latest news, rumours and speculation on Dan Trachtenberg's NEW Predator movie, titled Badlands - in development with 20th Century Studios and Disney in the Badlands Movie Forum!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2024-01-01 08:26:42

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